Other Designs ○


Huge Shoutout to http://blissfully24.posterous.com/

These arent my creations but i wish they were. Full of color and pop! This is what you would could extrodinary. Nicely done ; Download her stuff on her blog and follow her! She’s trying to reach a goal of 400 Followers. Enjoy. Happy Simming -SimsInterior •

That Elegant House ○

Worth 500k Itself.

Took Alot of sweat and work for this house. It orginally has 5 Bedrooms. 3 Bathrooms. Its huge, I downloaded this house empty and i was so happy when i finally had it done. I wish I had a download link for this house so i could see what you think ! Oh well check the pics out though. Hope u like ; Happy Simming (SecondHouse Alreadi woo] -SimsInterior •

Modern Furniture



thinking about decorating your home? this website.. is a good start.. modern looks to download for free 😀

they do support sims 2 and 3 so be cafe as to which you download.  looks for their sims 3 symbol typical found in the lower right hand coner


             mango sims is very cool place to go for furniture.

also want hope that everyone on the east coast is safe and gets the help they need.  be safe everyone

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Urban Chic House ○

My First house im uploading! All the other pics of the objects that are in the house. Once again thanks to sims3 resource creators and others who made these awesome custom content items 🙂 I Love Them ♥ ; Happy Simming! -SimsInterior •

Info About Me ○

Welcome All 🙂

I want to start by saying, thanks for following me! And I hope you enjoy my designs and ideas. These are just Pictures of my houses and my interior designs. I try to be unique and different. I Want to shoutout to all the Creators and Custom Contents made for this to even happen. When i find out how to get download links for the houses and the objects in them i will Share with you’all. Enjoy ! Happy Simming -SimsInterior •